1. plain (adj.)

clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment


    •    evident, patent, apparent, unmistakable, manifest, obvious


According to Merriam Webster LOCAL is defined as

“relating to, occurring in a particular area, city or town”

my company is the middle. the coordinated effort.

LOCAL is all about people with great big ideas that turn into real life dreams.


combine that with drive and determination and you have an ENTREPRENEUR, a FARMER, a PRODUCER, a LOCAL SUCCESS STORY.


each one has a story and someone needs to STATE it!

plain.stated was born from my thoughts, ideas + EXPERIENCES and PASSION

MY business is based on YOUR business.  so together WE determine your needs and your goals and WE set a course to achieve them. 

one size does not fit all.  that’s what makes this the most fun and absolutely original!  spend some time with me and let me STATE your STORY.

i am LOCAL. 

i was raised within the AGRICULTURAL industry. 

i understand FAMILY business. 

i am proud of my HERITAGE.

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